The 48th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Myeloma

Call for Abstracts

Submission Period

  • November 11 (Fri.), 2022 – January 10 (Tue.), 2023 (UTC+9)

    Abstract Submission is extended to January 17 (Tue.), 2023 (UTC+9)

    We deeply appreciate for Submitting Abstracts.
    Abstract Submission has closed.


General Presentation

  1. (1) Pathophysiology & Treatment (non-clinical)
  2. (2) Diagnostic Procedure (including bio-marker)
  3. (3) NDMM Treatment-Transplant eligible
  4. (4) NDMM Treatment-Transplant-ineligible
  5. (5) RRMM Treatment
  6. (6) Complications, Supportive Care and Comprehensive Care
  7. (7) Myeloma-related Disorders
  8. (8) Case Report
  9. (9) Others

Additional JSM Annual Meeting Presentation Categories (Outside of General Presentation)

Encore Presentation
Submission Period: November 11 (Fri.), 2022 – January 10 (Tue.), 2023 (UTC+9)
Kindly download the Abstract Submission Format (Microsoft Word) below, fill out the required fields, and submit to the Congress Secretariat of JSM2023 via E-mail (
* Please refer to of Encore.
Encore Presentation
  1. (1) An abstract which, at the time of submission, is identical to or nearly unchanged from (an adaptation of) an abstract presented previously made at a major overseas conference(s) or similar event within the last year, but which has not been presented yet at a JSM Annual Meeting or other conference or similar event in Japan, may be submitted in this category.
  2. (2) There is a maximum limit to the number of submissions accepted in this category.
  3. (3) The following submission requirements must be fulfilled:
    1. 3-1. The submitted abstract must have potential to gain new, highly meaningful scientific value through submission to and fresh discussion at the JSM Annual Meeting.
    2. 3-2. The phrase “(Encore)” must be added to the end of the submission’s title.
    3. 3-3. If any copyright or similar exists for any part of the submission, the submitter is responsible for obtaining consent for submission and usage.
    4. 3-4. In the case of copyrighted material usage, if said copyright holder is a scientific association, publishing company or similar, the final portion of the abstract must include a statement indicating that permission for copyrighted content submission and usage has been obtained as well as information on the original copyrighted material (original abstract or similar).
    5. 3-5. The primary author and any other co-author who will participate in the meeting must pay their registration fees for the JSM Annual Meeting. No fee payments will be refunded, regardless of selection results.
    6. 3-6. No objection submitted in response to submission review results will be recognized, regardless of selection results and any other factor.
    7. 3-7. Submissions must be made in accordance with all rules for general presentation submissions.

Guide for Abstract Submission

For participants from overseas

Participants from overseas can submit without membership status, but are required to pay the registration fee. This registration fee is NOT REFUNDABLE despite the result of acceptance/rejection of the submission. This non-refundable condition is the same for the submission by the Japanese members.

Registration is scheduled to open in February 2023.

Submission Requirements

The first author (presenter) must be a member of the Japanese Society of Myeloma.

Exceptions are permitted for early-career residents in the new training system, non-M.D. graduate students, undergraduate students, international students, and non-Japanese nationals, who may present their abstracts as the first author regardless of membership.

Presentation Format

Oral Presentation or Poster Presentation

* Please note that the presentation format is subject to change in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Presentation Awards

Excellent Programs for plenaries (limited to oral presentations) and posters will be selected and awards will be presented at the closing ceremony.

JSM Travel Award for IMS/IMW

JSM Travel Award for IMS/IMW is applicable for only the Japanese JSM members.
Conditions of this award appears in the Japanese page. Application forms (Application Form, Recommendation Letter, English Abstract, Research Achievements) also appears in the Japanese page.

Abstract Submission and Book of Abstracts

The abstract book will be published by the International Journal of Myeloma to preserve the contents in a format readily available for future citations.

To allow for citations from overseas researchers, please register abstract titles and the body of your abstract in English.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

All authors are required to disclose any Conflict of Interest (COI) with a biotechnology manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company, or other commercial entity that has an interest in the subject matter or materials discussed in the manuscript within the period of 36 months prior.
The corresponding author is required to complete the form below with information from all the authors listed in the manuscript.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Oral and Poster Presentations

For Oral Presentations
Please show whether you have Conflict of Interest on the second slide made in accordance with the following template (example), and state it in your presentation.

For Poster Presentations
The following template (example) for Conflict of Interest disclosure should be displayed with the poster.

Consideration of research ethics, etc.

When making a presentation at the annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Myeloma, the contents of the presentation must comply with the ethical guidelines, laws and regulations in each country.
When submitting an abstract, please state one of the following two options based on the status; "This presentation has been approved by an ethics committee or institution for clinical or basic research" or "This presentation does not require approval by an ethics committee or institution. If you choose the former, please indicate clearly on your presentation slide or poster that your presentation has been approved.
Whether or not approval is required for a small number of case reports should be in accordance with the judgment of each institution. Researches involving off-label use must be approved prior to start of research. If "Not Applicable" is checked for the study which includes the contents considered to require approval by the Ethics Committee or the institution, the abstract may be rejected.

Information to submit

Kindly download the Abstract Submission Format (Microsoft Word) below, fill out the required fields, and submit to the Congress Secretariat of JSM2023 via E-mail (

  1. 1. Presentation Format: Please select one of “Oral”, “Poster” or “Either”.
  2. 2. Category: Please select one of “Category: General Presentation”.
  3. 3. Title: less than 150 letters.
  4. 4. Abstract body: less than 1 600 letters = it is about 240 words.
    Images, charts and photographs are not allowed.
  5. 5. First author and co-author names: No more than 20 presenters.
  6. 6. First author and co-author affiliations: No more than 20 affiliations.

Free paper submissions must be approved by the Clinical Research Review Board of the required institution at the time of submission and must clearly state any conflicts of interest.

Regarding the acceptance/rejection of an abstract

The acceptance or rejection of the program will be determined after referee reading and organizing programs by the Secretariat.
A notice of acceptance will be sent to your registered email address in early March.

Contact for Abstract Submission Support

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Congress Secretariat

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